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02.15.2013 , 03:07 PM | #568
Believe me, bioware is not reconsidering anything.

In their mind they fixed something which was broken... not even understanding that maybe the fact that it was broken saved them. Indeed, I (and certainly many others) would have cancelled my subs way before today if they had applied such ridiculous repair price in 1.2.

Anyway.. the only factor which matter for such company is real money.
Devs do not listen players.. but they listen to their Manager who at some point are listening to the financial director.
Hence, any subscription cancellation does count.. and will be analysed end of the month.

If after 1.7, they record a pick of cancellation and read the reason you attach to it ( swtor not fun , ridiculous repair price etc.), I tell you that the Dev will be asked to change that ASAP.

At the end it's just a matter of who you are :
- a hardcore player who can play hours, grind all dailies several time a week and can afford repair cost.
- a different type of player, who doesn't want to grind dailies just to afford any repair cost in OPS/FP etc. (whatever your reason)

I guess that the second type of players will cancel their subs at some point anytime soon..
To all people who are calling people like me "crying b / QQ" because I'm complaining about the sudden high repair cost, all consequences on the community etc.. I hope that you all have enough real money to give to EA... othewise believe me they'll not think twice to shut down all servers.

Don't forget, F2P and member with subs are suppose to save this game.. but if too many members start to cancel subs..oh welL..