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02.15.2013 , 03:02 PM | #565
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If the repair costs are not being calculated as it seems that EA/BW intends that they should be, based on the item modifications and not the shell, then that should be corrected. It should not cost more to repair a purple dread guard chest piece shell with dread guard mods than it does for black talon level orange chest piece with those same dread guard mods. The cost to repair both items should be the same, based on the them having the same mods. This may not be the same as pre 1.7 costs, though.
As far as I can tell, repairs and resale value were OK before this "fix".

The same armor piece with nothing in it went up proportionnally with armoring, with armoring + mod and with armoring + mod + enhancement. So, reading the patch notes, I assumed the issue had something to do with empty shells resale, which would drop to zero, and nothing else...

Reading this thread, it seems only some zero resale value shells were showing ridiculously low repair costs, but wearing them on purpose should have been considered a bug exploit, then.