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Alright, this is the last post I'm going to make about this particular topic. These boys who cried wolf are going to be back within the week mark my words. They're only trying to get attention from Bioware to get what they want and trying to threaten Bioware by saying "if you don't change the game so it suits my personal needs I'm going to stop paying to play or stop playing altogether". Bull. Once you get what you want or get a compromise you'll be back, they always come back, it happens in WoW and it will happen here.
The thing that you're failing to realize is that people complain when they want to keep paying for a service that has changed to become not worth paying for any longer.

These are GOOD people to have around.

They do much more good for the game than people who argue in the developers' favor regardless the impact of the issue and those who simply and silently quit playing.

Before Tuesday, no player ever said, "The repair costs are too damn low!". Think about that.
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