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Limitations of a substandard search engine. I have pretty much posted daily since 20Dec2011. Not my fault that the full history of the forums is not visable via the search tool presented.

Your "research" is limited and your "causal" linkage is flawed. I did "play the heck" out of the game. I "enjoyed" what I played until I couldn't effectively play anymore. Patch 1.4 degraded my play due to nVidia graphics drivers and the "graphics enhancements" it never returned to pre-1.4 (and somehow around that time new drivers increased my WoW game play go figure ... ). I payed months of subscription after that waiting for a fix. Still to this date I am still in a "hitching" and degraded state. I can only solo, if more than a few people are shooting things I freeze so no war zones for me or ops. While I mainly solo this hasn't been too much of an issue, but I nolonger have the "option" of fully participating in all that SWTOR has to offer. Months of paying a sub. Waiting. Nothing. Now with the FFA PvP and all the jerks that it brings out and the untoward repair costs. How much more time should I give EA/EAware? Yeah I think in the end you and your ilk are the true trolls. You only offer strawmen and paltitudes with no substance for what passes for argument.
It's not worth it Ureal. No matter what you say, or bring up, people will not listen.
When the shoe is on their foot, the, and only then, will they realize what has happened tot his game.

I'm sorry that it came to this for you. Out of everyone I have talked to on the forums, I thought YOU would be here forever. My wife and I recently unsubbed as well. Due to ALL the bs from eaware. This is not the game from beta.
I understand games change from beta on, but this one has gone down the tubes. ( My opinion. people can flame it all they want,it means squat. Just like me saying it).

Good luck to you Ureal. Hope you find a game that is worth your time, and a forum you can "troll" lol.
I have been called a hater for voicing my opinion. So be it. But I would rather die on my feet, then live on my knees.