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However concerning Xizor. No one has put forward a powerful argument as to how Revan will kill him/track him down. If he escapes Coruscant this could become very difficult.
There is a way, but it has a slim chance of working.

I'm thinking Xizor flees Coruscant right away for the safety of one of his hidden bases (Mustafar?). Revan can locate this base, given the right circumstances. He needs to find a member of the Black Sun and use Drain Knowledge on him/her. Revan did this on Lehon to learn the Rakatan language and drive basic into their skulls (Kreia did Drain Knowledge to Atton on Telos). However, the question is, does every member of Black Sun know about the Mustafar base?

So he needs to track down a Black Sun member, use Drain Knowledge, and, on the chance of said member knowing the location of Xizor's base, bring his entire fleet to Mustafar and destroy it along with Xizor.

However, Xizor is not going to be standing around. Leaving his known base of Coruscant gives him (roughly) a week of prep time. During this time he can move agents into Revan's forces. Sneak members of Black Sun into Revan's shipyards to steal or destroy whatever ships are docked there (perhaps send mole-miners like Thrawn did?). Xizor can use this strategy to decimate Revan's "dormant" forces.

He can also move bio weapons into Revan's outposts and bases, killing Revan's organic forces. The only thing Xizor has to really worry about is the Dark Jedi. But really, how many of them know Breath Control?

On the topic of sabotaging Revan's flagship. This can be done. It is not impenetrable, especially for someone like Xizor. First thing he needs to do is get a team of IG-86 droids, give them the best tech and weapons money can buy, and equip them with cloaking fields. Then he needs to get Revan's personal fleet into an engagement. Not too difficult, all he needs is a gravity well generator and his intel network. Send the IG's to Revan's flagship onboard a cloaked shuttle, and let them work.

From here, Xizor has quite a few options. He can have them deploy a bioweapon, or simply destroy the main reactor. They would also sabotage the escape pods and any remaining shuttles to prevent any escape. Either way, it would be over for Revan.

That's how I see it, at least. Xizor has alot of tools that Revan has to deal with. He's facing an enemy with unlimited credits, a galactic intel network, and unlimited access to illegal tech.
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