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I move to vote, that we stop assuming things cause otherwise it gets into one huge mess. I mean how do we know that Revan's flagship has the same specs as the Leviathan which was one of a kind? We don't, for all we know it could have just been a regular Interdictor cruiser...I mean just because its a leader here doesn't mean that his ship was personally modified or anything.

All Revan would have to do is hire a very good data slicer and accountant, remember Vader managed to backtrace Xizor's little scheme all the way back to Xizor, despite all the front companies and dummy accounts. Xizor doesn't have the slicing skill that G0-T0 does, Revan would have a much easier time tracking down Xizor than he ever would trying to track down "Goto."
Where was this stated?
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