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I'll say this. I'm in full DG gear with full augments. pre-patch it was 7k for a wipe. Now it's 10k. I do think that is a bit much. 7k felt right.

How about that?
Well whether repair costs in general are too high or should exist is another matter up for discussion. I don't personally have any particular favor towards them existing in the first place. If they do exist, I expect them to be uniform in application(which they weren't and which the patch was supposed to have fixed, your price for repair now seems to match the standard for DG out of box light armor repairs).

I am rather numbed to the cost from credit sinks in this game though. IIRC it used to be over 10k for a death in rakata gear, so just about anything feels cheap to me. Skill training(and ignoring non essential skills to boot) used to bankrupt a character while leveling. Now I hit 50 with an extra million credits. I find credit sinks annoying, and would much rather see them removed entirely, excepting the GTN fee, which should eventually allow the economy to reach a permanent credit velocity equilibrium(as its percentage based).


I still maintain that people who are claiming repairs out of line with out of box equivalent repair costs should be trying to narrow down the cause rather than simply demand returning the repair costs to the original non-uniform costs.
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