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02.15.2013 , 01:53 PM | #507
At this point, I couldn't give a rats hiney whether this was a bug fix or a mistake made in the code. I don't like it. I will not play this game until these costs are reduced. If I find I am waiting overly long for a solution, then I'll cancel as fast as I re-subbed.

My guild consists of CoH refugees and we're small in number, having been lured back to this game from elseMMOG (TSW, et al). Therefore, we cannot afford these outrageous credit and time sinks.

Fix it and by that I mean set REASONABLE repair costs. If you guys feel that the costs were too low, fine...up them to a logical level. What you have allowed to go forward is unreasonable and illogical. As an aside, I have to echo what many others are saying: really? with all the bugs you need to fix, you choose THIS one? Bad move.

Fix it or face another cancelled account.