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Whatever. I hope you spend the next 27 days finding some way to feel good about yourself.
I have. I just leveled my 8th level 85 toon in WoW and am about to have a second at level 90. I leveled up my fishing on my main to 600 doing the Angler's Dailes ( fun stuff and funny too .. boom goes da fishies ). Finaly hit 600 on letherworking, Tayloring and Engineering. Making money hand over fist. In FOUR great guilds on FOUR great servers ( many of these are former SWTOR players that went back to WoW). So yeah. I have plenty to do for the next 27 days and beyond while waiting for a decent NON-FANTASY MMORPG to appear (The Repopulation) or reappear (SWGEMU in production).