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So, you're going to spam your apocalyptic hyperbole in an attempt to upset other people. Great. I guess you weren't nearly as mature as I thought you were. Take note, game companies, if you don't pander to Urael he'll troll your forums.


Whatever. I hope you spend the next 27 days finding some way to feel good about yourself. I pity anyone who can't find anything more enjoyable to do, or who gains satisfaction in hurting a community of players simply because they play a game that is made by a company that committed the heinous crime of having different ideas than you.
"Chuckle" Actually Urael is a pretty smart guy with a good sense for what makes an MMO fun not just for his own playstyle but others too. Pretty sure he won't need much help to "feel good about himself".

As I posted earlier, it's sad the game's losing him, even though he and I didn't always agree on stuff.