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I want movie where the lead is NOT a dude. There's plenty of awesome actresses out there that could play just about any role. Though I would prefer a movie that centers on a woman that is a a fallen Jedi and then becomes a Sith Lord. Yes similar to the Exile in KOTOR 2, or just make a movie about her. Even though she did became a Jedi, again.
I want a movie where the main character isn't one of the 400-500 out of the trillions in the galaxy that is ZOMG PHAT POWAFORCEZ. I get that the Jedi and Sith are big in Star Wars, but if you ask a random on the street that has ever heard of Star Wars, and to name a character, I promise you the majority will say... Han Solo.

There are a mountain of characters in Star Wars that don't use the Force, and they are ignored or made to appear pitifully incompetent. Boba Fett, the great bounty hunter, decides that the best way to fight a Jedi is to close to melee range with a blaster. Errrrr.

Who could vape Luke Skywalker almost half the time in the simulator? Wedge Antilles, no Force.

A Star Wars movie with a plot not involving Jedi and fallen Jedi would be a welcome departure. How about a rogue working in Black Sun or NRI (New Republic Intelligence)? Havoc Squad or other military units? A bounty hunter?
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