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02.15.2013 , 12:56 PM | #481
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Too little too late. It cost you a subscription. Mine. Too little communication. Too much CM Store. Your employers ruined a potentially great Star Wars MMORPG with their unbridled short term greed, lack of communication and out right lies concerning the switch to F2P. Never again EA/ Bioware. Never again!
Fine. Whatever. Good luck.

At what point does this become Spam? How many times do you have to repeat this? I used to respect your posts, but after browsing threads and seeing this multiple times, it just comes off badly. And its not just "I don't find the game fun", it's a statement that implies some sort of personal injury. Except all that happened was that you lost some virtual cash. You're boycotting an entire company because... they adjusted balance in a way that you didn't like... or used a revenue model that you didn't like (but thousands do). If you don't like the game, move on. Stop spamming the forum with your pleas for attention. It just undermines all the intelligent things you've said in the past, and makes the community look even worse.