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02.15.2013 , 12:27 PM | #466
Bottom line I see is this will effect everyone at some point, those people that are calling people whinners will also be effected, people will not have spare credits to spend on the GTN, so if your making money on the GTN, that is not going to be a good option in the future, sure do dailies, but after you pay your repair bill from doing dailies how much do you have left ?

What about the learning curve in allot of the raids, not everyone can afford to play 300k plus per trip to the raid while they learn the raid, that really sucks the fun right out of it when you have to worry about repair costs, I am not saying there should be no repairs costs, more inline with what the game will bare for the average player, not the few rich elites, who will also feel the crunch at some point might take them longer, between the GTN crash, people leaving, no one wanting to raid, how is any of this good for a game that is suppose to be fun. I have a boat load of credits and this does not effect me now, but I can see where it will in the future, as my avenues to make money slowly die off.

Once again EA has nothing to say on a major cluster they have created, the silence sure leaves a bad perception in my eyes, thing is I am huge fan of the game been here since early beta testing, and when you start effecting people like myself and my friends who are your target market somethng is wrong. /sigh
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