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02.15.2013 , 12:17 PM | #34
Ive tanked and DPS'ed for most of my time in this game, and would say that some of the advice I've read above is not really relevent to flashpoints.

In a flashpoint, DPS should most certainly not be attacking what the tank is attacking. That's how healers die.

A good example is the first pull in FE. Either the droids or the marauders (are they marauders? I think so) should get cc'd, tank handles the others - yet pretty much every time you pug that instance you'll see one or two normals in the back as the last things left alive. They will be the ones that kill the healer because the tank isn't going to be picking those up.

99% of the time DPS should kill normals, then strongs, then elites. Assume your tank is picking up the strongs and above.

By the time the normals have swapped agro from the tank's initial pull to the healer, at least two normals should be dead, allowing DPS to grab whatever is now attacking the healer. By the time DPS has cleaned up so just the tanked mobs are left, the tank has enough agro to make it a non issue.

Just my experience, but most threat issues in FPs are caused by DPS attacking the wrong stuff.