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If a character has to resort to the /stuck command he or she should NOT incur gear damage. Period.
This is just silly.
Well I think they included gear damage to avoid travel exploitation with the /stuck command.

I do agree that ships should be air tight in their design. It is a focused area of use rather than a massive world.

My initial argument (The sorta "Tough it out" thing) was directed generally to the game as a whole. It is a massive place to be testing every single rock, tree, wall, etc. As a person in the QA field of games and websites, I can definitely say it is difficult to catch everything. Sometimes it does take a user to find it.

So in conclusion, I understand why gear damage is there. If there were a way to make it so user's don't take damage on their ships with /stuck, that would be great. However, in the game as a whole, I feel that taking gear damage (It is also disclaimed when selecting "Stuck"), is a logical deterrent to travel exploitation as a whole.

Please understand that I am simply taking this from a development and QA point of view. I am a player myself and I do know the frustrations.