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02.15.2013 , 11:51 AM | #463
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If people are so willing to buy the high priced luxury items, why should EA/BW put them on an in game vendor and give up all the revenue they could get from the cartel market? It makes much more more financial sense for them to increase repair costs, and put those new shinies on the cartel market. I think that despite the numbers of people threatening to quit, the actual number of people who quit will be much lower.
Um... because they want the creds out of the economy, maybe?

How much financial sense does it make to keep this change, a change for which numerous entire raiding guilds are now cancelling their subs?

You can "think" all you want. You don't know the real numbers. You don't even know that EA did this for "credit sink". They could have done this because "Durrrr... there's this bug on my list and I fixed it while applying zero critical thought and even less testing."