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You can't seriously be worried that people would not buy the high priced luxury items, can you? People spend the equivalent of 6 months' subscription of REAL MONEY to buy a CHANCE at cool gear every time a new pack is released. When the white crystals were available and 1M credits was A LOT, people bought them like candy!

Nobody complained they were too expensive. They bought the white ones or if they couldn't afford the white ones, they bought the lower priced purple or cyan. If there were complaints, they were NOWHERE NEAR the scale of complaints caused by this "bug fix". Entire raiding guilds did not cancel their subs over it.

If EA truly believes that so many creds in the game is a problem, they should put a bit of their money where their mouth is and offer something worth buying for credits. People will keep gambling IRL money away on packs because that's peoples' nature.

I'm quite wealthy. I'm an example of a player who will pay a considerable number of credits for a vanity item that I want - I paid over a million (to a vendor = destroyed credits) to clothe my latest alt in exactly what I wanted it to wear, and continue to pay more to vendors and players to ensure mods and such are up to date.

I also WILL NOT do a flash point on that character because the repair bills piss me off. I can afford them, but they piss me off.

You want to destroy my 10's of millions of credits and the 10's to 100's of millions of credits other wealthy people have? Give us something to spend them on that makes us happy instead of attempting to forcibly extract them via our nutsacks. The latter approach will only cost you subs.
If people are so willing to buy the high priced luxury items, why should EA/BW put them on an in game vendor and give up all the revenue they could get from the cartel market? It makes much more more financial sense for them to increase repair costs, and put those new shinies on the cartel market. I think that despite the numbers of people threatening to quit, the actual number of people who quit will be much lower.