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That's not quite what he meant.

The intended functionality, is that upon death, you take gear damage.
When /stuck cannot move you out of the geometry you're stuck in, the only other solution would be to kill your character and respawn at the med center or area start. People will get stuck. It happens. Sometimes you get unstuck with /stuck, other times it's really tough and you need to respawn to solve it.

The problem listed by the OP is Bioware created, so saying a variant of 'sh*t happens' doesn't make it ok.

  1. Bioware launched the game with poor and buggy geometry and collision.
  2. Bioware added a /stuck feature that fails a large number of times and sometimes requires a players death.
  3. Bioware set repair costs at an exorbitant amount, including deaths from /stuck.

Bioware could take a number of actions to address this issue, from improving the geometry and collision in game to improving the /stuck function to reducing or eliminating repair costs associated with /stuck.

That they have done nothing and state this is working as intended is basically telling the players 'eff off, we don't care enough to bother making improvements'.