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You left the club, and got them to stop kicking you in the junk. That's a good thing, I agree. But what happens when you decide that the drinks there are too expensive? What will you do then? Will you and your cronies take your business elsewhere again, or threaten to do so, in an attempt to get the your preferred club to lower its prices? If they lower the prices on their drinks, what's next? What will be the next thing you want--the next reason to threaten to go elsewhere unless your demands are met?
Maybe I'll do what you say, maybe I'll be happy paying the same for drinks that I've been paying for the past 14 months.

The fun thing is, if I ask for lower drink prices, the club still has the ability to decline my request. It's not like I can force them to take $2 less for the martini I ask them to make for me...