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Hi Elfa,

This is working as intended. However, you may wish to give feedback on the changes to repair costs in General Discussion.
Getting stuck on one's ship due to poor geometry issues is a game error and not a player one. It should not cost an 8k repair bill due to a game mistake. It is fine to say it is working as intended, i.e. repair costs for actual death in game. But a repair cost because you /stuck because of terrain issues and poor geometry issue is ridiculous. I know people could take advantage of the /stuck option to avoid repair cost, so i am not saying it is not a slippery slope, but in the case he made, it was a game mechanic problem. Donít make the customer pay for improper game mechanics. It would have been nice if you just refunded his 8k in game credits instead of the lame excuse that was given. Just my opinion!