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OOOOH. The "do what I want, or a lot of players will quit" threat. What happens if EA/BW reduces the cost to pre-1.7 costs due to the threatened numbers of players who would quit? I'll take a guess. A lot of people would be happy right now with the reduced repair costs, fine. But down the line, people get the idea that since EA/BW changed one thing due to threatened numbers of quitters, let's try it again. Maybe it's that someone doesn't like the fact that we only get tionese gear at 50. They want Rakata gear. They start a campaign that gathers a lot of support for Rakata gear to be handed to every new 50, or a lot of people will quit. Maybe EA/BW listens again, maybe they don't.

It's the old "If you give a mouse a cookie..." syndrome.
No...they wouldn't. Because that's dumb. MOST people posting on these forums are intelligent enough to understand they don't get handouts. What they are NOT, are doormats, that don't voice their opinions on a seriously game impacting issue.
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