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ah the slippery slope fallacy, i was wondering when you were going to show up. i mean we already had the word "entitled" appear on this thread and something to do with democrats on the other, so it was only a matter of time for this appear.

OT: no what you said wont happen, and do you know how i know this? because ppl said the same thing with prefer players getting extra quickbars and that it will lead into a players demanding more and more lax restriction onto the f2p model...i have read these forum everyday since f2p and I HAVE NOT seen any threads where a majority , if not half of the players on this forum or in game continue ask more lax restrictions. ofc some do appear once in a while, but those thread normally simply just get the "no freeloader" responses.
In this very thread, you contradict your own argument. You use the extra quickbars as a "slippery slope fallacy". You know that people argued that giving preferred players extra quickbars would lead to players demanding more lax restrictions on the F2P model. You admit that there have been multiple threads on these forums asking for fewer restrictions on the F2P model. Seems like exactly what was predicted happened--more demands for fewer restrictions predicted, and more demands for fewer restrictions actually seen.

For the record, I agreed with the decision to give preferred players more quickbars and fewer restrictions than a true F2P player. That does not diminish the slippery slope that was created.

Anyone who reads these forums can see the multiple threads demanding a credit cap unlock, medical probe unlocks, permanent unlimited FP, OPS warzone unlocks. In fact, there are threads asking for, or demanding, unlocks for every feature that a subscriber gets.

Does it mean that just because there are threads demanding things that EA/BW will listen? No, it doesn't. The fact remains, though, that every time EA/BW changes something based on people threatening to quit, it further reinforces the "We can hold our breath til we get what we want" mindset some people have. Some changes are worth making. Some changes may not be. The ultimate decision on whether or not to change something should be not be based on the number of players threatening to quit, but rather on the merits of the possible change.