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Hi Elfa,

This is working as intended. However, you may wish to give feedback on the changes to repair costs in General Discussion.
Beesodd, can you please advise what the purpose of giving feedback in the General Forums is if Bioware has no intention to of responding to the concerns outlined in over 600 player posts? I mean, what's the point if we can't even get a gold response on the threads where people are asking for information? Instead, you state here that it's working as intended, and that's the first response we get? Really?

This dramatic changed should have been communicated to the players. It was not. The 2 line patch note did not cover the impact it had on people who play the game. And Bioware's continued silence adds insult to injury.

Frankly I'm disgusted by the way this was handled, so I'm voting with my wallet. I was planning on purchasing extra Cartel packs this month in addition to my sub. Instead I just canceled my subscription. I supported this game through all it's shortcomings since launch. After this, I'm done.
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