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You left the club, and got them to stop kicking you in the junk. That's a good thing, I agree. But what happens when you decide that the drinks there are too expensive? What will you do then? Will you and your cronies take your business elsewhere again, or threaten to do so, in an attempt to get the your preferred club to lower its prices? If they lower the prices on their drinks, what's next? What will be the next thing you want--the next reason to threaten to go elsewhere unless your demands are met?
I used to DJ quite a bit up until a few years ago. I spent many a night in bars working or otherwise patronizing. When the state of Illinois imposed a no smoking ban in its bars business was greatly reduced for a lot of those bars. One though stood out, it was always packed with people from early in the evening until closing time. The owner of the bar said to hell with the smoking ban and let people light up anyways. Once in awhile the cops would come in and ticket the people smoking. The owner would then come around and collect every single one, pay them off, raise his drink prices a buck for a few weeks to a month to recoup cost and everyone was happy.

The point is there are other ways to keep your customers happy. The owner by the way made a killing.
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