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I mock the order, murder it's most prominent servants, bring about the deaths of hundreds of masters and deliberately disrespect not only the council but every person in my path at every given opportunity and am subsequently granted the highest honors the order has to offer.

THAT, by definition, is bad writing.

How any individual with an IQ greater than that of a turnip could defend that kind of story telling is beyond any level of understanding I possess.
Well, you're certainly tough on internet aren't you?

What you are clearly complaining about is consistancy. You think you've murdered all these people, and been rewarded which is not consistent.... But, the consular story does not describe the killing of the masters as out-right murder - that's a lable you envisioned for yourself. As the other poster pointed out, the story presents this as eliminating a threat to the Jedi as you saw fit. Disrespecting everybody is generally presented in polite terms and not inconsistent with a Jedi Master. So while you may have envisioned your character as a cold blooded killer, the story presents your motivations in a more logical way to maintain consistency. You've protected the Jedi from a signifcant threat of plague and been awarded the title protector - that is consistent. You can complain that the story does not provide an option to play a cold-blooded killer Jedi but that's really a design decision and not a writing decision. The writing itself is consistent.

In fact, if you play the story with anything other than an internalized cold-blooded killer mentality, the story makes perfect sense.