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Greetings everyone,

If there is already a post on this topic, I apologize, I did a thorough search over the last few days before deciding to post this.

I have a vangaurd and I am trying to get out of the whole melee thing and get to a mid or long ranged fighter, similar to a sniper, i think. However, all I have played before are the jedi and I need your help.

If anyone has a talent tree spec / rotation already built, I really REALLY could use your advice.

Thanks in advance.
Vanguards cannot be specialized into a ranged class. It isn't effective in pve nor pvp. Before 1.4, vanguards did have more range which made them effective at range in pvp, but they have very limited use at range now. They do have a lot of use at mid-range 10m and I would suggest going assault if you want a mid-range character. In assault, all of their abilities are essentially 10m besides one. In every vanguard spec, you will have to be in melee range or within 10m the vast majority of the time.
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