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I've gotta disagree here. The masses will most definitely PvP if you start fighting them. Get a group of four people together, cause some chaos, stir the hornet nest. Everyone is on edge in the PvP zone, it doesn't take much to get people firing on each other. And causing damage to gear only further disincentives PvP, because who wants to fight if it is going to drain their unrelated funds? Old Ilum had rewards for open world PvP and it was abused to the point of insanity.

You shouldn't need a reason to fight other than a desire to fight. The point of the event is to get a bunch of people together so that they can fight, the objective should be secondary if you want to fight people. I've had the most fun since the days of old Ilum when we actually got groups together and fought each other in random encounters. Except this time there is no faction imbalance to be concerned about.
The problem is that this game as Bioware put it, "is not a World PvP game". The risk is hardly an issue, a couple thousand credits that a daily would cover? In a game where most people would spend the time to get their daily's done without fighting in an FFA PvP area means that incentive is needed. Games have not had favorable World PvP in some time unless you play a "hardcore" PvP game. The abuse can easily be stopped. It was done in a game made 12 years ago I think a game now could handle such a simple task. Adding on to my thought though I think the reward should be based off of valor rank. so with rank 50 and below should be a low amount and as you get higher the reward gets higher... hmmm what game did they do that in that had amazing PvP... lemme think oh thats right DAoC. while that game is a relic there has not been pvp like it. The closest thing to good world pvp is GW2 which has no reward either and is very repetitive and RIft.

Good sir (Crabhand), you are a Care bear if i have ever sensed one. I look to better pvp not put a red name out there and hope that someone attacks it and starts a frenzy, because people are not gonna do that when there isnt a need for it.

**** another idea ther pvp area quests should involve...pvp

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