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How many assassination attempts did Revan contend with over the course of his lifetime again...

Remember, Revan probably would have clobbered the Jedi Strike team if not for Malek, since Malek is not in play, people need to remember that Revan's underlings were for the most part fanatically loyal to Revan.
I am not suggesting Xizor's assassins confront him. Battling Revan = no-no. But blowing up his ship and/or sabotauging the systems for an easy death in space battle is another matter entirely.

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Getting an Assassin close to Revan will be rather hard to do, even with him not trying to keep a low profile, much less an assassin droid like IG-86, and if we have an IG-86 running around, then Revan could probably build himself an new Assassin Droid to replace HK-47, and quite frankly in some ways HK-47 (and if Revan built a successor) was more devious than the IG series droids.
Since when do IG series droids "run around"? They are skilled assassin droids, they will have no problem employing Xizor's tech and intel to find Revan's ship.

Okay, on this HK argument.
1.) Where does he get these parts? The Black Market? Good luck, the Black Sun kinda controls that.
2.) So..... instead of leading an army, Revan sits in his room all day building a droid?
3.) It would be a prototype with no combat experience.

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If this turns into a military vs. military campaign then Revan wins; Xizor is a devious underworld mastermind, he is not a military tactician, he isn't good at commanding fleets, but Revan is.

Xizor led by fear and greed; Revan led mostly by loyalty, some of Revan's followers were fanatically loyal to him (which is why Malek was trying to keep news of Revan being alive from becoming public knowledge).

The situation boils down to how long can Xizor dodge Revan versus. how long Revan can dodge the assassins. Considering the loyalty of Revan's forces, I'd say it will take a very long time in order for an assassin to get lucky. Xizor's assassins are good, but Revan supposedly took down Mandalore and knew quite a bit about assassinations, which means he wouldn't be an easy target.
Xizor doesn't need to win a war. He needs to win a battle. By throwing all his forces at Revan's flagship with a gravity well to seal the deal, this debate comes down to one battle. And tactics won't save Revan from the wrath of the underworld. They have tactics of their own: hit-and-run, ambushing, etc.

I'm pretty sure loyalty doesn't protect people from assassins...
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