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Not even full DG gear will keep them alive at Soa if they stay in the middle when the floor falls down, or go the wrong way on the platforms, or lag behind the group and miss the heals. And if the clueless player is a healer, they'll likely doom the entire group by healing improperly or not at all during the descent.
Exactly, but if this person have to gear himself with progression, they actually have to learn how to defeat SoA before got the best gear in the game.

In old times (not SWTOR) the people with the best gear killed all the bosses in progression and maybe that player was a cripple, but at least he was experienced because he did all content before the most difficult one.

Progression. Progression. The carrot on a stick (gear) is the reward but it's also the way to be a better player, not only the most-geared player. And I think this game totally lacks of progression. And that's why there are so many ppl with an awesome gear but with no idea about how to play.

Because, I'm an awesome Gunslinger, but I'm an horrible full campaing/dreadguard tank with my guardian alter because I never tank in a operation. And of course, the 1st time will be not Karaggas or EV. It will be TFB HM or EC NiM. Why do so many content if new ppl never have to play it? No sense. Progression is the solution.

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