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... and though I was using Star Wars examples, I'm under no illusions as to us seeing trans* companions or continued-NPCs in this game.
Which is a little sad, really. Oh well.

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Still, you'd think at least AI would be a future possibility in SWTOR Even if their gender has to be defined as definitely man or woman.
Well, given that both EDI (in Mass Effect) and Holiday (in SWTOR) are self-aware AIs with emotive capacity I can't really see why they wouldn't, at some point, present a romanceable AI companion. Or at least a flirtable AI NPC.

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Of course if you want to think that Bioware's mods know the difference between sex and gender, the title of this thread means that trans* individuals could be a hypothetical possibility in this game...
See, I don't see a problem with this. Remove male/female flags for clothing, perhaps add in a pitch shifter to adjust the pitch of the existing voices up or down, maybe (if you REALLY want to cover all bases) change from four body types to a height-weight-muscle slider system and you've got a HECK of a lot more flexibility in character creation. It certainly isn't the same as a character selection system in which you can choose your gender identity from a huge list but it'd give people more flexibility than the binary options.

Having said that I play an intersex Sith Inquisitor and I just selected Female for her because that's what she looks the most like.
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