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I won't comment on the whole conversational gist because I just got up but I believe the two answers to this are "Yes," and "Mostly for simplicity's sake."

*lengthy snip*

That's not to say I wouldn't love to see that kind of content. Heck to the yeah, I would. I'd LOVE it. But a lot just doesn't go into games that would otherwise be great additions because people can't agree in time, or because time really DOES run out, or because there's no way to attain a particular look or physics functionality.
Thank you for the input, Kioma I was approaching the subject largely hypothetically, so I did completely forget the impracticalities of it all.

And yes, gender identity is terribly nuanced and very confusing for everyone involved (and not involved), especially when you think of gender presentation being different from the individual's identity and then physical sex. It is a bit of a far fetched idea to have in games and though I was using Star Wars examples, I'm under no illusions as to us seeing trans* companions or continued-NPCs in this game.

Still, you'd think at least AI would be a future possibility in SWTOR Even if their gender has to be defined as definitely man or woman.

Of course if you want to think that Bioware's mods know the difference between sex and gender, the title of this thread means that trans* individuals could be a hypothetical possibility in this game...