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Is it just me or did swtor fail to grasp world pvp with those new quests in Ilum?

1. Valor should be given for kills with occasional commendation drops with a different skin/attributes close to whatever zone you are in (sector x, ilum, etc...)

2. the "PvP" quests should be PvP not do some PVE in the "PvP" area so we can all hold hands. it should be the same way on tatooine as well as other daily spots.

the only thing they got right was making it small group and FFA

A reward/risk system should be put in as well. The masses will not PvP if there is no reward and without risk it almost makes it pointless. Make World PvP deaths damage gear or endurance until repaired. Also a leader board so people can see who the biggest PvP'ers are, World PvP ranks/titles. these little things can encourage people to join the action.

Over all I think Bioware is on the right track they just need to pull their heads out of their... well you know.
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