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02.15.2013 , 02:15 AM | #18
It still doesn't work and in the process of troubleshooting I've tried to get hold of the ip-address to the world-server (it's only getting into the world I have problems with on my internet connection) since my ISP don't see any problems.

I've tried with 2 different computers, inside and outside my firewall and the only way I can play the game is if I use my iPhone as modem and its 3g-connection.

The ip-address my computer seems to communicate with when I'm in the world is Before I get in it talks with a bunch of servers on 159.153.x.x, but when I run a ping or tracert to that ip it stops halfway, even via 3g..
I'm therefore stuck..
ISP says nothing's known to be wrong, my friends can play fine ,I can play fine via 3g...

Is there an ip you have towards we can trace and see where it stops?