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Okay, thanks for the clarification on the utility idea and how you intended the original post to be received. I just read your section about Snipers as if they have zero group utility while they have one. However, Marauders are superior with their two group buffs (three if you count the healing effects of Berserk in Annihilation). Of course, Leathlity and Hybrid out DPS Engineering in single-target any day.
I know Enginering Snipers arn't played that much but in my opinion they are thoroughly underated. They are slightly behind (within 5%) in terms of single target dps. But they have:

2m30 Ballistic Shield
Easier energy management (Adreniline Probe on 1min CD)
30% stronger Shield Probe
Cooldown reset on Shield Probe
The best aoe in the game
6% reduced damage while in cover

Balistic Shield on some fights is totally useless, however on other fights, it can be the best group buff availible by far.