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If you have been watching the movies and reading the books, you would have known that "Star Wars" follows an endless and repetitive pattern.

How things were done before Darth Bane: (Prior to Rule of Two)

First Step, the Republic is at peace, and the Jedi are peace keepers.

Second Step, the Sith establish a power base in an unknown location..

Third Step, the Sith use their new found power base, and they destroy the Republic from the outside. War is declared and the Jeidi become generals.

Fourth Step, the Sith become too obsessed, and they are defeated by the Jedi.

Fifth Step, repeat steps one through four.
Except that after the Mando Wars the Sith didn't really destroy the Republic. They hunted down the Jedi from the shadows until the Exile returned and eventually defeated Darth Traya.

That and the Disciples of Ragnos crisis took place after Bane's Sith Order was destroyed. That and the Vong, of course. This shows it's not so clear-cut or "repetitive".

EDIT: As for this war, I'd have to agree with others who've said the non-Force users will be absorbed into the Republic in a merger rather than being completely destroyed in the war. Maybe that's just wishful thinking since I mostly play as an Agent. The next thing I could find in the timeline was the Darth Desolous conflict, so clearly the Jedi are going strong about 1 1/2 centuries later.
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