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Correct me if im wrong but ...
You are incorrect.

Bastion isn't quite as busy as Harbringer as Scorpio mentioned, but its still packed. Bastion's off peak is still 2 instances of the fleet until really late for us. It does drop down to 1 fleet though once it gets really late for us Aussies. However there is normally around 200 on the fleet anyway.

Normal pvp pops never stop, and last time we did rated pvp, it was from about 9pm to 11pm our time, and we got 5 or 6 games in.

As for what jumpsuit says, well it all boils down to your personal preferences really. He places a 'playing expereince/ping issue' over a 'gaming expereince'. I think he has it backwards, but he is entitled to his opinion and choses to play where he finds the most enjoyment.

I really don't find the ping that bad, and if you play just about any other MMO out there, it will be the same or worse than US swtor servers. We all played just fine on swiftsure as mentioned, i think people have just been spoilt.

All that aside, even with the occasional fake GCD, the gaming experience i get from the US servers far outwieghs any negatives. A thriving GTN, where just about anything is for sale, and people acutally buy stuff, and things aren't ridculously expensive. 24 hour pvp pops in lowbies and 50's, rateds every day, both organized and pug, with a huge variety of competition (especially compared to MDN). Group finder pops, lots of raiding guilds, and most importantly, actual real people to level up with on lowbie planets, sometimes with 3 or 4 instances of the most popular planets.

There is also a strong oceanic presence in other guilds, so organized raiding at our prime time is not completely off the table.

Moving servers was the best thing i did, it revived the game for me and got me interested again. If things are getting old playing against the same players all the time, or just feeling stale in general, i suggest you give Harbringer or Bastion a go with an open mind.

Imo the 'playing' experience doesn't matter if the 'game' experience is rubbish. But each to their own.