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02.14.2013 , 10:15 PM | #23
Agree with customer service issues 100%... 6 months ago when I was billed again for the 6 month plan I called and told them that this time it was ok but didn't want to have it recur when the game went free to play. I haven't really played much at all since then, due to lack of time, but today I got an email again saying that my subscription was rebilled which wasn't supposed to happen. I call up support... wait an hour and a half to talk to someone... just to find out after 20 minutes of talking that he has to escalate the ticket. That's fine... except that the department that deals with escalations and refunds wasn't going to be open for another 3 hours and I'd have to call back and give a reference number to be transferred... I'm asleep or at work the hours they're open and can't be on hold for an hour at work. The whole situation behind the scenes is getting stupid.