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I'm a bit confused by the conclusion that people upset about the repair cost increase just want things handed to them.

Not one person has insisted that something be handed to them for nothing. Everyone still wants to experience the content, they want to earn their gear through learning the mechanics of the fights, winning those fights and getting the appropriate drops therein. What they don't want is 3+ hours of mindless grinding to be able to afford to do that.

The penalty for failure is the time you spent trying, and the fact that when you fail you have to start over. No one can magically progress from dying enough. There's no point in an op where the game decides you tried hard enough so the raid boss switches to easy mode.

We don't need exorbitant repair bills on top of that. Back in 1.2 they lowered repair costs for end game gear because it made end game progression prohibitive. That is still the case. It doesn't matter if you personally have millions of credits and don't care if you have to spend more on repairs.

It doesn't matter if you are in a guild that is run like a business that has millions of credits to pay for everyone's repair bills.

Just because the mechanic is not prohibitive for you specifically doesn't mean it's not prohibitive in general.

The one thing I will agree on is that we can no longer make any progress from debate on this subject. We need official word from Bioware as to whether or not this "fix" is working as intended, and if it is, what was their reasoning in implementing it, at which point we can start making a case for or against the change.

My guess is that since we have had no word at all it is probably not working as intended and they probably have no clue where the mistake is, and until they can find it don't want to say anything.

Granted my viewpoint is on the optimistic side, but really I can't fathom that this change was intentional given how divisive it has been.
No, but this may insure that people do their research prior to joining an Op, it may increase raid awareness, and possibly encourage them to work for just a few more upgrades (via dailies) before jumping into a HM EC/TFB run.

My raid groups aren't considering quitting. Because we run dailies (500k+ credits for one day, on one character - they're pretty much handing it to you, they're so easy.) We also craft in-demand items, materials, and run crew missions to generate revenue. The repair fees used to be much higher, and with so little need for credits, I think it's impacted the games economy, as no one really needed the money.

Guild Wars 2 is a successful game. It is a very, very slow process to earn gold. You have to either craft exceptional items, or sell materials that are rare to make any headway. This game practically throws credits at you. If someone is willing to unsub (which is proclaimed so often it's reminiscent of a dramatic wife threatening divorce over spilled milk..) or stop playing due to the costs of failure (that you can work to avoid) - expenses that are easy to cover, if one is willing to work for it -- then I think they may not know how easy they have it in this game.
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