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02.14.2013 , 08:47 PM | #365
Um, when this game first launched repair costs were higher than they are now. You know, back when there were more subscribers. Two deaths in KP (this was soon after release..) could amount to over 50k in repairs. When they reduced the costs it was a MAJOR decrease in repair fees, to the extent that many of us were gleefully shocked. Same goes for extracting mods. 22-25k, if I remember correctly, for each purple, high level mod. I had to do dailies, to keep up with my expenses.

While it's not fun having to pay a higher fee for repairs, I think this also has some positives of making people take wipes a bit more seriously. With the amount of godawful pugs happening lately (apparently I've had extraordinary luck in the past) perhaps now people will actually put a bit of effort into not dying.

Another potential benefit is the possibility that people won't ravage the in-game economy by wiping out markets on the GTN with their lack of basic understanding of economics, or perhaps laziness; heavy undercutting and listing items for vendor price, or less. I've seen items listed for less than the listing fee. Perhaps now, they'll put a bit more thought into how much they're selling things for, seeing as they'll want the extra credits.
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