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I have been advocating that the difficulty of this game should be drastically increased since I started playing it.

Maybe I wasn't very clear in my original post. I think steep penalties for failure in TOR (as it is) are a bad idea. The game is simple and barely an MMO since the vast majority of its players treat it as a solo game. It could use a heavy dose of oldschool MMO challenge re-design but the last two things from oldschool MMO's that anyone should ever think to emulate are the length of time to level and steep penalties for failure.
Yes, I would agree that x00% increases in repair costs do not equal increased difficulty in this game without a major redesign, at least not the kind of difficulty most players I've encountered would find enjoyable.

The fact is there was no major push from the community to enhance the gaming experience by doing what EA has done here. It may not affect some players. Some may be indifferent. But the position by some posters that this is a positive change (not you, as you have clarified) is belied by the absence of tangible community support prior to EA just doing it.