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so, i like the jedi and sith codes (the sith one more) , but i am wondering how they match up with the original trilogy (yes i saw the new prequels but only once i consider the first 3 films to be the true star wars)

in swtor, for example, you get light side points for one of the lamest moments ever, ratting out the 'lovers' and dark side points for letting them go

jedi are passionless guardians, sure, sith are ruled by emotion..

but does this match the original movies?

in the first 3... the empire was cold, unforgiving, evil

the jedi cannot love

but is this accurate? there were many different kinds of love in the films. luke was very attached to his family, and granted he was a new jedi, but clearly developed love for his friends. the relationship of solo - leia did not involve a jedi so it can be set aside for now.

further, in his final fight with vader, luke is telling him that he can feel the good in him. as luke is being killed, vader picks up the emperor and epicly throws him into the hole thing, the he dies. why did he do this? because luke was his son and he loved him. earlier , he had wanted luke to turn to the dark side so he could overthrow the emperor, right as he cuts lukes hand off.. the cold, calculating, dark side.

secondly, i think the lightsabre play is a bit off. the lightsaber fight choreography and vader fighting of the original trilogy was done by bob anderson who also worked on the princess bride, the guns of navarone, and more besides being an olympic fencer and ww2 veteran. if you watch obi wan fight darth vader, and luke fight vader in empire strikes back, you can see the lightsabers are treated like they are real swords - and not fencing swords like anderson competed with, but heavy swords, like they are broadswords or something. their strikes are hard, heavy, and deliberate. some of the animations, like guardian sundering strike, the lightsaber is twirled around like it is nothing. in my opinion, i prefer the lightsaber combat of the original films.

i like this game a lot, just throwing out 2 ideas that have been on my mind