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Correct me if im wrong but,

Isnt the prime aussie time like 3 or 4am in the morning on those servers? If not that exact time pretty close to it. And if that is the case, the only good time for pvp on those servers would be in the middle of the day or early morning when most APAC people are at work.

So, using the above information that would make the population worse than MD.

So now your on a server with high latency, high population during the day and a virtual ghost town durning the middle of the night when its your primetime.

How is that better?
I suggest you actually play on The Harbinger during Aussie peak hours insted of just making stuff up.
I play on Harbinger after work, and it's the complete opposite of Ghost Town. Always multiple instances of fleet, planets, always get warzone and HM FP pop. True it's better to play during their peak for more consistant echelon of players, but I can do that on the weekends.

Since the start of 1.7 - when I get home and go to Ilum, there has been up to 16 instances running. And this is during Aussie peak time.
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