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02.14.2013 , 05:03 PM | #32
Corrected an issue that would automatically unlock all levels of Improved Priority Transport: Personal Starship.
Yeah it was corrected all right... now I can't unlock it period, even after 2 attempts of purchasing all 3!!!

How do I get my coins back? I double purchased this stubbornly in confusion and now I'm screwed out of twice as many coins and no function for what I purchased real money to obtain... this is crap.

How do you make the solution to a problem an even bigger problem. Someone needs to find another job, and someone needs to hire someone with better sense. Now I'm out 2100 Coins... that's roughly 15$ (with your best deal) or a month subscriptions worth, and I obtained nothing... will I even be compensated with more coins when this is corrected, obviously not... they wont even give compensation to their digital market cuz its their gold mine.