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With these storylines you really can not make an objective assessment. It mostly comes down to one's preference. For example I am an "Empire guy" so obviously I enjoyed IA, SW and SI by far the most. Even as kid, watching the Original Trilogy, I always preferred the Empire. I kinda dislike the Jedi and the Republic therefore I didn't enjoy JC, Trooper and JK that much. Especially I dislike the Trooper and its overall "Sir yes sir! For the Republic!" mentality. Makes me feel like some hardcore brainwashed USA "patriot" (no offence meant).

I think if someone likes the idea of BH and enjoyed Boba Fett character in the films he will probably find BH story line decent and enjoyable. I mean it is not as intriguing as IA storyline since obviously the class concept is completely different but I think it has all the elements to satisfy "BH kind of guys".
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