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Alright here is another analysis thread this time about the character Carlist Rieekan. I know its rather soon after my AT-TE thread, but I figured what the lets get into this!

"My tolerance is fairly inelastic. Don't try to stretch it."

―Carlist Rieekan

Carlist was from Alderaan and at the age of 17 joined the Galactic Republic Judicial Forces, and in demonstrating strong leadership quickly rose through the ranks and eventually became an officer, even befriending others such as Jan Dodonna, Adar Tallon, and Crix Madine and sometime later joined the Rebel Alliance. When the Death Star entered the Alderaan system, Rieekan got all sorts of messages requesting aid and evacuation from the people, however he denied thinking that if they were to evacuated the people, it would show the Empire that the Alderaanian people knew of the Death Star's ability to destroy planets so instead Rieekan waited hoping that it was just a bluff by the Empire.

Upon the destruction of his homeworld, Carlist was ridden with guilt and despair and resolved to never underestimate the Empire again in just how far they would go. By 0 ABY, Rieekan had a variety of bases set up throughout the Empire and soon worked with Rogue Squadren collaborating with Luke Skywalker on various missions. On such operation was in the city of Tiems, as he and his men were ready to evacuate the landing zone came under heavy Imperial starfighter attack, however Rieekan's knowledge of Imperial tactics worked for him as he laid out traps for the enemy, the General hid two of his regiments behind his main line of troops and when Imperial forces attacked, his main line fell back and as the Imperials gave chase were ambushed by the two other regiments, thus the Imperial general ordered no more attacks until air support arrived, however by that time Rieekan and his men escaped.

When the Alliance relocated to Echo Base, Rieekan became the theater commander in charge of all naval and land forces in the Hoth system and around at this time he had a considerable bounty placed on his head, enough to buy a moon in the core world's and an entire planet in the Outer Rim. Intent on preventing another Alderaan incident Rieekan made sure that Echo Base's defenses were as good as they could be, Tauntaun and T-47(snowspeeder) patrols were sent out regularly to check the base's perimeter and trenches were dug around the base with heavy laser turrets installed.

However he knew well that Echo Base, wouldn't be able to stop a full scale invasion by the Empire, the defenses being there more to slow down their advance and have the least casualties as possible. Sure enough LT Romas Navander reported that Death Squadron entered the system and acting fast Rieekan ordered the shield generator to reroute all power to the shields before ordering his men to get ready for a ground assault.

By his men, Rieekan was a grim and stern man with constant worry and concern, he never put his emotions on display and instead kept his determined demeanor. He stuck to his ideals and lived by them, which gravitated to fellow like minded soldiers, he also possessed natural leadership skills and he was also a strong and able tactician even from an early age. His vast knowledge made him an effective base commander, he also cared for his men and infact so much he admitted privately that he "bleeds when they bleed, and dies when they die" and even though he was able to make sacrifices he never found it easy to send men to their deaths.

Thoughts: I like Rieekan, he is a well thought out character and despite not being Force Sensitive he is a very good commander. Who said you needed to be a Jedi or Sith to be a good commander/tactician?
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