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I hope bioware realizes that we in the software development community are laughing at their pathetic performance lately. I mean seriously eye rolling, head shaking, teeth sucking and finger waging at their complete lack of professional pride in their product. How many more of these woopsies do they need before they realize that QA is an important function of an IT shop? And when are they going to start holding their developers accountable for quality deliverables.
No, they realize that "QA is an important function", they just used to think QA meant Question and Answer as opposed to Quality Assurance (as in those godawful dev Q and A things they used to do to try and distract the playerbase from the hordes of bugs they perpetually churned out). Thank god they stopped doing those and junked them in one of their many customer relations "reboots".

Now they apparently think that QA stands for Quit Asking (as in please quit asking us when we will fix our completely ridiculous screwups- we'll get around to it eventualy- unless, of course it is to fix a screwup that is costing us CC sales/purchases such as the "error" that required an emergency fix- they were missing out on potential purchases of the 3 upgrades to the ability so they took the servers down very quickly to "fix" that "bug". Nevermind the fact that now they truly have broken it (and in such a fashion as to be costing people RL money).

Personally, I think that QA in EAWare's case stands for Quite Appalling.