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This is what I sent to a friend for my reasons for leaving ...

Well it looks like my time in SWTOR is coming to an end. I haven’t really played since the 1.4 graphics issues. Each day since my enthusiasm for SWTOR has waned more and more. There are a number of issues that, quite frankly disgust me concerning the direction that SWTOR has taken since F2P/Freemium and the overall miss management and mishandling of SWTOR as a whole.

We both know that Freemium is a ruse to cover the fact that EA and BW miscalculated. SWTOR did not live up to what was promised. To be quite honest I feel that SWTOR is ruining the Star Wars IP. SWTOR is even ruining the memory of KoTOR. Each day the game evolves away from even what BW established in KoTOR to be nothing more than “yet another Sci-Fi” Space Opera with glowy-sticks.

There has been something wrong with each event that has ticked off a portion of the SWTOR player population. While it is true that no game or event is perfect, I have never ever seen such outright hatred for every single event that EAware has tried. It’s like they don’t listen. From boredom to griefing to an outright grind fest, there has been some of each element in every event. How is this fun again? How is this innovative? How is this original?

So basically:

Graphics “fixes” have made it difficult to play.
Events are terrible (which is an insult to the word terrible).
EAware doesn’t listen.
EA lies and is only in it for short term profits.
Freemium was a ruse to disguise the failure of SWTOR and the fact it was overhyped and rushed to market.
Incomplete systems (Legacy … and I am sure the new Reputation system has holes in it, given past performance.
Horrible “space system”
Uninteresting PvP and “forced” (via random) play with no choice to play a particular map.
Raid Bosses that all seem to have the same terrabad mechanic to bezerk just before you take them down.
Crappy Art for Armor and clothing. This stuff is starting to make ST:TNG costumers look good.
Horrible crafting system.
Horrible “auction house” with very little features.
No mini-games to pass time.
Nothing to really collect, and nothing to really explore to see ( no real easter egs).

This is not an AAA MMORPG. This is a mockery of an AAA MMORPG.

I was going to wait for Makeb but, this event is horrible for those that don’t want to PvP. I could stomach it if it was faction v faction. But, FFA is bringing out the jerks and gankers.

I feel as if I wasted every moment I spent in SWTOR. I never felt that way about Anarchy Online, Everquest, EQ2, City of Heros/Villians, Matrix Online, or even the time I spent in Lineage 2 and all the time I spent in SWG ( all three verions).


Also this:

Not that you care EA & Bioware. Not that you care at all. As long as you have drones willing to buy the garbage you peddle in your CM Store.

I for one have been here since launch. Early access day one. I have not played regularly since patch 1.4 "graphics improvements". I already paid for Makeb. I am still leaving. I have wasted over a year of my "gamer life" with your sub standard product. I have played EQ, EQ2, AO, CoH/V, SWG (all 3 incarnations), L2, Matrix Online, and WoW. In all those games I do not regret a single second I spent there. I regret the entirety of the last year spent with your substandard product. This "event" and the repair costs are the final straw.

You have ruined your reputation as a producer of games worth playing Bioware. EA, I never trusted you. I will never purchase another one of your products.

Thank you for ruining the Star Wars IP. Enjoy the money I foolishly spent on your product in the hopes that it would improve. It has gone down hill since day one. SWTOR is a mockery of a AAA MMORPG. I will tell everyone I know to stay away from SWTOR and any MMORPG that is part of the EA stable.

EA/Bioware ... you have my Email. Contact me there if you wish to discuss.

Take care all. I have 28days to check PMs. Anyone who wishes, please feel free to PM me if you want to exchange emails.

God Bless all of you. Be safe.