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02.14.2013 , 03:42 PM | #259
Several things have become abundantly clear in this thread...

1) the only people who seem to be for this change are a bunch of ultra-elitists folks from world/server first guilds, and there are only a handful of them who are very vocal
2) those same people are by their own admission trolling because apparently they have nothing better to do
3) these same people also have no potential financial issues by virtue of their playstyle and guild
4) the vast majority of the posters between all the threads on this subject are extremely displeased with the change and there are people voting with their wallets, and those in that displeased majority run the gamut from server/world first progression players who also have no financial issues but see the negative impact, to those more casual players who will have a significant gameplay impact due to this change
5) there are guilds who have suspended raiding (including my own by request of my guildmates, I wanted to continue but was outvoted)
6) BW doesn't seem to care because they refuse to say anything on the subject
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