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02.14.2013 , 03:40 PM | #256
Quote: Originally Posted by DarthVenizen View Post
So when you run a new fp or op you don't have to adapt to the mechanics?

Oh you must just never do that since you don't want to adapt to a thing, or if you do, you're that guy that stands in fire and goes Y AM I DIEING Y IS HEALER NOT HEALING ME, SO NOOB

What do you do when your class gets nerfed? you have to adapt to that, do you just stop playing?
So n00b healers never going to be good healers, all going to be dps, and you not play anymore, baka, gameplay is not the same as game fun, so far was nice until this fix, so, no, i don't "adapt" to a frustrating game, for that I have demond souls or dark slouls, an mmo is a game to learn, to evolve, no a game for 15 years old "**** all" people like you, you cannot do a hard fp or op alone, belive me, even n00bs are good when you have 3 hours waiting for an op.