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Two more for you:

An entire swath of experienced players who otherwise would have run multiple flash points per day, teaching new players how to be better in the process, are no longer running any flash points.

Players are cancelling their subscriptions.

Not that you care EA & Bioware. Not that you care at all. As long as you have drones willing to buy the garbage you peddle in your CM Store.

I for one have been here since launch. Early access day one. I have not played regularly since patch 1.4 "graphics improvements". I already paid for Makeb. I am still leaving. I have wasted over a year of my "gamer life" with your sub standard product. I have played EQ, EQ2, AO, CoH/V, SWG (all 3 incarnations), L2, Matrix Online, and WoW. In all those games I do not regret a single second I spent there. I regret the entirety of the last year spent with your substandard product. This "event" and the repair costs are the final straw.

You have ruined your reputation as a producer of games worth playing Bioware. EA, I never trusted you. I will never purchase another one of your products.

Thank you for ruining the Star Wars IP. Enjoy the money I foolishly spent on your product in the hopes that it would improve. It has gone down hill since day one. SWTOR is a mockery of a AAA MMORPG. I will tell everyone I know to stay away from SWTOR and any MMORPG that is part of the EA stable.

You have my Email. Contact me there if you wish to discuss.